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A Podcast for Dance Science enthusiasts

A podcast to build connections & drive discussion on ways we can improve the field of Dance Medicine & Science. The DSP will be a chance to drive discussion and cultivate a sense of community toward collectively progressing the field of Dance Science


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Dance Scientist, Ph.D. Student, Entrepreneur

To build connections & drive discussion on ways we can improve the field of Dance Medicine & Science.

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New episodes

every Monday.

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The DS podcast will be a mix of episodes of me and episodes of me interviewing people in the field. Interested in sharing your experience in Dance Science? Or maybe you're a Dance Medicine Professional and would like to share your wisdom with us?

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The Dance Science Podcast

Driving discussion & cultivating community towards progressing Dance Science to make it more normalized in Dance Education.

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Which is one of the intentions behind the DSP

Let's have honest conversations about our field & how we can progress & improve it.

By The Dance Scientist, L.L.C.



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Astrid Zuluaga Lopez, MS, RDN, LD

Dietician, Pilates and Ballet Instructor

Title: Nutrition Recommendations: How to Handle them as an Educator

Episode Info: 55 min

Astrid is a former professional ballet dancer with 20 years of experience in ballet training as a performer and as an instructor combined. She trained pre-professionally at Allegro Estudio de Ballet and Miami City Ballet School and danced professionally in Ballet Nacional de Panama and Arts Ballet Theater of Florida. Astrid is currently a ballet and pilates instructor at Ballet and Pilates by Victoria and Ellie Paige Dance Company and recently became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition. This year she will begin working as a clinical dietitian in one the world's largest medical complex at the Texas Medical Center.

In this episode: Why she became a Dietician, Educators giving Nutrition advice, Tips for Parents, Monitoring Instagram, Tips for those interested in this field.


Dinah Hampson 

Physical Therapist

Title: Put a Pivot into Practice: Making Cross-Training Fun

Episode Info: 55 min

Dinah completed her B.A. in Health Studies at Queen’s University & B.Sc. in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her passion for Sport Physio led her to active membership in Sport Physio Canada, acquisition of her Sport Physio Diploma & her International Sports Physiotherapist qualification. She holds the Diploma of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, multiple clinical certifications, & is an examiner for new Sport Physio candidates. She trained in classical ballet, danced with a Young Dancer’s Company & in Musical Theatre productions. She regularly assesses & treats dancers from professional dance companies & associated training programs as well as community/competitive dancers. She founded Pivot Sport Medicine in 2003, 15 years later co-founding Pivot Dancer. Due to her years of classical ballet training she brings a technical eye to her treatment of dancers & artistic athletes. She, with Pivot Dancer, consults with clinicians & dancers worldwide. She has represented Canada as the Chief Therapist for Canada’s Health team at the Commonwealth Games, FISU Games & has been a team member for the Olympics & Pan American Games. 

In this episode: Why she became a Physiotherapist, why she created Pivot Dancer, common injuries she treats, making cross-training fun, the positives & negatives of social media, debunking some of the cross-training myths.


Crystal Nicholls 

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) & Holistic Health Coach

Title: Micro Habits Lead to Big Changes: The Science of Behavioral Change

Episode Info: 29 mins

Crystal Nicholls is a performing artist, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC), & Certified Holistic Health Coach. With over 10 years of experience as a professional dancer, she has appeared in commercials, films, tv, and Disney’s The Lion King. As a coach, she has worked with individuals, companies, and schools in the performing arts industry such as Matthew Bourne's New Adventures and English National Ballet School, to support performers' wellbeing. Her mission is to teach performing artists how to use nutrition, mindset skills, and lifestyle habits to support their wellbeing, so they can overcome burnout and thrive–on and off stage.

In this episode: Her experience as a Lion King London dancer, why goals don't always work, building sustainable habits step by step, avoiding burnout, tips of those interested in becoming a Health Coach.


Giuliana Hazelwood

Mental Health Clinician and Educator for Performing Artists and Young Adults

Title: A Body-Based Approach to Mental Health for Dancers

Episode Info: 46 mins

Giuliana is a mental health clinician and educator for performing artists and young adults. She currently heads the Health & Wellness department at Joffrey Ballet School where she offers on-site care for students and training for faculty and staff. She uses a body-based biopsychosocial approach, infusing arts education curriculum with social-emotional learning fundamentals. Her work leverages the connection between students & clinicians, using the arts as a starting point to challenge and recreate the narratives that shape our collective health and wellbeing.

In this episode: Peeling back the layers of the biopsychosocial model, meeting the art & the science, dancers' schedules are impractical, her work at Joffrey, mental health tips for for dancers, parents, & educators.


Jennifer Randall

Social Media & Marketing Expert for Dance Studios

Title: Making Social Media Simple & Fun

Episode Info: 1 hour, 13 mins

Hi! I’m Jennifer Randall and I have been around dance studios my entire life. I owned a dance & music studio for 12 years. I have always enjoyed marketing (specifically social media) & learning how I can use online marketing for dance studios. Over the last 4 years I have worked with over 200 dance studios, setup & managed over 500 paid ad campaigns & taught hundreds of owners how to use social to attract leads through social media. The experience of running a studio for 15-years of my own means I really “get” owners & now with my knowledge & love for the “social media stuff" I help studio owners get parents & students off of the "social media scroll" and through the doors. 

In this episode: Her background owning & operating several studios, Making Social Media Simple, Tips for keeping your accounts safe, What her favorite part is & why, What does consistency actually mean?

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Danielle Pinga

Personal Trainer

Title: Unpacking the term Artistic Athletes - Finding the Balance

Episode Info: 36 mins

Danielle Pinga is the owner and founder of Artistic Athletes where she trains dancers like the athletes they truly are ! After facing numerous injuries and restrictions throughout her dance career, the idea of injury prevention specifically for dancers drove her to her studies. After receiving her Bachelors in Science, she completed certifications including NASM Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and 200 hour Yoga Instructor. Danielle’s goal is for all artistic athletes to understand and become aware of their bodies, to gain the knowledge, confidence and strength to succeed.

In this episode: Her background being curious, unpacking the term artistic athletes, social media tips, why strength is important, humans before dancers, making strength training fun.

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