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Reach your Dance Science goals FASTER with Dance Science Mentoring

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I offer Dance Science mentoring sessions to anyone looking for guidance, support, and empowerment. Applying for college applications or studying for a Pilates or Fitness Exam? I'm here to help you!

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What is Mentoring?

"The act or process of helping and guiding another person to support their personal development."

Our Method


First we analyze where you currently are and where you want to be so we can move forward with a clear purpose!


Then I gather all of my resources and share them with you in a way that's organized so you can slowly accomplish your goals.


I'll continue supporting you in whatever way you may need even after you've reached your goal!


After mentoring several students over the years and having numerous interns, I've been able to hone in on a framework to help you succeed at whatever your goals are! I love meeting you where you're at and walking the road right alongside you!

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