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Let's discuss its background & context



In simple terms - It's a field that's going to make you a better Dancer or Dance Educator. And I'm. here to simplify it for you & streamlining the concepts into digestible formats! 


It emerged in the late 1980s out of need because dancers' injuries were very high during that time. A group of people who shared common interests collected, and those are the pioneers of Dance Science.


Dance Science analyzes ways to maximize the health, training, performance, and well-being of dancers through application of modern scientific concepts.


Dance Science is an umbrella term with several sub-topics that are studied, such as Motor Learning, Nutrition, Psychology, & Injury Prevention.

Wait, you said it would improve my dancing or teaching. But how?

Become a smarter dancer.

By learning about Anatomy from a young age, you'll be setting yourself up with a strong foundation that will carry into all areas of your life. This deep knowledge & awareness will result in a longer & stronger dance career.

Become a smarter educator.

Dance Science allows you to teach from a deeper, more anatomical place. It will enhance your pedagogy and make you a smarter Dance Educator.

Here's a peek into what Dance Science is About

This is a scapulae stabilization exercise that will improve your arm & shoulder placement! Dance Science is about educating our dancers to have more anatomical awareness.

"Dancers are artistic athletes because
they require a dynamic synergy between artistry & athleticism."     - The Dance Scientist

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